“Okay, these…” Blaine swallows, looking more turned-on than nervous, which Kurt supposes isn’t too bad. It means they’ve come a long way since starting this. “They’re a bit more…daring.”

fourth chapter of the Aubergine Dreams ‘verse! parts one, two, and three, respectively. title, as always, comes from P!ATD’s inside cover of their booklet for A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out. warnings under the cut and Blaine’s panties are here!

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do you know where you want it?

my shoulder

it’s the easiest to cover up and foot tattoos can wear off too easily if you wear sandals with straps where your ink is

what is it?
show it !

picking the font out took like an hour jfc

buuut I like Edgar Allen Poe :3

that’s supposed to be a raven shhh

fic: i simply do it best


The shot, as it comes into focus, is a close-up one of the side of Blaine’s head and upper torso; his eyes are shut, lashes fluttering and brushing the tops of his cheeks, and his skin is flushed slightly. His lips are parted, barely red and wet in the dim light of his bedroom. When he finally opens his eyes they’re wide, dilated, and he glances over briefly at the camera before he’s rocking slightly, getting momentum, and then—oh fuck, then he’s swinging his legs up, feet resting presumably on his headboard or the wall behind it, and he’s bent in half.

the “oops not supposed to have happened” continuation of Home Videos, though you don’t have to be familiar with it to read this story. warnings are under the cut, like always (though the point is mostly moot due to the teaser paragraph) and the title is from “The Music Or The Misery” by Fall Out Boy

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they did headstrong? omg what even.

yeah dude! youtube that shit. I used to have the CD with it on it

I remember I was so confused because like my brother listened to that song and my brother is into some grungy shit

omg, why would they think that was a good idea?

lol because that was when Fall Out Boy was really popular

and they were trying to bank on the popularity of the song without realizing that like half of their songs are about sex

and it’s like they did covers of the weirdest songs

like “Headstrong.” seriously wtf, Trapt? on a kids album?

Send it to him in an unsigned envelope.

dude he’s gonna know my writing style. he’s read my work

Instant extra credit.

well we just talked about BDSM and Dom/sub relationships

so he might be impressed that I can write readable, realistic gay porn