anonymous prompted: Can I prompt Klaine joining the mile high club? uwu I absolutely LOVE how you write them and I just got off a plane! <3

They’re somewhere over the North Atlantic when Blaine starts to get fidgety, shifting in his seat every few seconds and drumming his fingers on the shared console between him and Kurt.

Kurt looks up from his iPad, an eyebrow raised. “You okay?”

Blaine nods, drags his lower lip into his mouth. Kurt isn’t sold: Blaine has never been a nervous flyer before, so his inability to sit still and the stiffness of his body doesn’t make sense. He also keeps glancing down the aisle of the plane, like he’s looking or waiting for something.

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anonymous prompted: Kurt and Blaine play the game Too hot, where they have to kiss without stopping and without touching, if one of them touches the other he loses. The winner gets to do whatever he wants to the loser aka Blaine could it be DS!Klaine please?

They start it because Kurt’s bored and a little keyed up and he can tell Blaine is, too—there are only so many issues of Vogue that they can go through together in an afternoon, and the way that the late afternoon sunlight is glowing on Blaine’s broad back and unfairly kissable neck isn’t doing anything to help. Not to mention that it’s been nearly four days since they’ve had the time—and the empty house—to fool around, and Kurt still is just a very weak teenage boy with an incredibly hot boyfriend.

Kurt had heard about it from Puck—which, god, should be enough to stop him before he starts—a few days ago, and the idea’s been rooted in his head ever since. He sits up, draws his lower lip between his teeth as he stares at the unwanted magazine in front of him. Shutting it, he drops it to the floor; Blaine looks up at the sudden noise, his eyes a little sleepy and startled.

“I have something I want to try,” Kurt says, trying not to let the little sliver of nervousness bouncing around in his stomach show.

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anonymous prompted: Blaine is really quiet during sex and it makes Kurt a little nervous/uncomfortable?


The first time, Kurt just assumes that it’s because it’s their actual first time. Neither of them are loud, too lost in this new ability to touch and look and maybe even ogle—in Kurt’s case, because Blaine’s abs are slightly defined and heaving in the dim golden lighting of his bedroom, and his cock is heavy and full where it rests on his belly and curls slightly to the right of his navel—to even really think about noises. They might moan, Kurt thinks they did, but all he remembers is heat and wet warmth and the way Blaine had clenched around him and stolen Kurt’s breath away on every thrust.

When the trend continues, though, Kurt begins to wonder if he’s doing something wrong.

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dreamboatblainers prompted: Hey, do you mind if I could please leave a prompt here? I really love the idea of like Skank!Kurt and Badboy!Blaine as a couple and they are actually really sweet and fluffy towards each other in their own twisted way, while still being tough bad-asses around the school. (I just love the way you write. Stay rad!)

Kurt’s in the out-of-order bathroom on the second floor with Quinn, skipping history and taking a much-needed smoke break. The October air is cool against his skin and ruffles his hair as he leans against the window they’d cracked open, taking a drag and blowing the smoke outside.

“What do you think we’re missing today?” Quinn asks, taking a drag of her own cigarette as she leans against the wall just under Kurt. She taps it on the sink, sending the crumbling mountain of gray ash cascading into the drain.

Kurt shrugs. “Hell if I care.”

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based on this video: Kurt and Blaine, as complete strangers, take a study where they kiss.

There’s an uneasy feeling in Kurt’s gut after he says yes to participating in the study—strangers kissing, seriously? How much weirder can this get?—but he chalks it up to feeling desperate, and, well, maybe he is. It’s been six months since Joseph, and nearly three months since he’s gotten laid. And kissing is fun, playful, and Kurt maybe kind of really likes making out. Not that he’s going to be making out with anyone. Knowing his luck, the guy he’ll get partnered with won’t be worth more than a peck or two just for the study’s sake and Kurt will walk out of the building wondering how all of his life’s choices led up to this.

Kurt crosses his arms self-consciously over his chest as he stands in the middle of the room, twisting to stare at the white wall behind him, then at the guy puttering around behind the camera. God, why did he do this? He feels so out of his element like this. Kurt Hummel does not kiss strangers without at least a few drinks in him, and definitely not for random studies.

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juscallmelee prompted: I can’t remember if you wrote this before but could you please write something with the height and size difference between kurt and blaine when they are doing the dirty?

“You really get off on this, don’t you?” Blaine gasps, breathy, as Kurt grabs his thigh and hoists it up high around his waist.

Kurt kisses up Blaine’s neck, closing his eyes and dragging his tongue and tasting salt and soap. He grips tighter to Blaine’s denim-clad thigh, digs his nails in and feels the way the muscles tighten as Blaine pushes him closer. “What, you?”

Blaine chuckles, but it’s barely there, lost in a moan as his hands grip and hold at Kurt’s shoulders. He arches, head pushing against the door to the loft, and bites out, “No—uhn. Well, I hope so, but I meant—ah. Being able to hold me against the door like this.”

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anonymous prompted: is there any way i could persuade you to write a fic in outside pov of kurt and blaine at a gay club in ny for whatever reason and they’re buzzed and fucking hot and oblivious to every single person that wants them in that club (and it’s a lot) because they’re so in love and focused on each other? i love your writing so so much and i’ve kind of always wanted to read something like this <3

Hunter Allen doesn’t usually frequent the NYC gay club scene, but somehow, surprisingly, a bitterly cold February night finds him at Malestrom nursing a beer and leaning against a railing that overlooks the floor. Even in his tightest jeans and nicest button-down (he’s here to drink, not to get laid—his boyfriend away for the weekend at his parents’ place is New Hampshire) he feels out of place, always the stupid country kid from southern Missouri even though he hasn’t stepped foot in that state for nearly five years now.

The dance floor below him is packed with gyrating bodies moving fluidly under the streaks of pink and purple from the lights overhead. The music is loud enough for Hunter to feel in his chest, shaking its way from the soles of his feet all the way up to his throat and heart like it’s a part of his blood now. Taking another drink, Hunter blinks and his eyes fall, almost as if pulled to, a couple that manages to stand out through the dense crowd.

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anonymous prompted: ok so what if klaine meet when they’re in their mid-twenties in NY and they’re dating and as they’re learning about each other kurt is endeared amd confused about some of blaine’s habits like being really frugal and always giving his change to the homeless… and blaine eventually tells kurt that he was homeless when he was 18-20ish. hurt/comfort, current fluff with past blangst… guh. yes please.

(part of the alternate meeting ‘verse)

Love had come a lot later in life for Kurt Hummel than he would have liked—though when it finally did it was with such an amazing, perfect companion that Kurt thinks he doesn’t mind that he’d had to wait until he was twenty-six. After all, his high school goal had been to get married by thirty, and twenty-six gives him just enough time to meet it, or so the eternally optimistic romantic inside him says.

He’d met Blaine Anderson a few months ago at a bar, where he’d been avoiding his extremely drunk coworkers during an ill-advised karaoke night. He’d been hunched over the wide mouth of his martini glass, staring at the bright green appletini inside and wondering if he should’ve ordered something stronger, when the stool beside him had creaked as someone sat in it.

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anonymous prompted: because awkward klaine is my favourite kind of klaine i would like to prompt: kurt and blaine are alone at kurt’s house and are in the middle of heated sex when burt and carole come home but the boys don’t notice until burt bursts through the door uwu (also i love you writing jeez give me your skills)

Kurt isn’t sure how much time they have, or if this was even a good idea, but trivial things like wondering how much longer they’re going to be alone don’t matter when Blaine sounds like that and pushes back like that, and god, looks like that, like every fantasy Kurt’s ever had (but won’t ever mention—at least not yet).

Oh.” It slips out, breathy and high-pitched, and Kurt grips onto Blaine’s hips, spaces his knees a little wider on the bed. He thrusts shallowly back in, just for some friction, and Blaine moans, quiet, and arches up slightly.

“Yeah,” Blaine breathes, a little broken and deep. He pushes back again, their skin slapping together, and says, “God, Kurt, I—”

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just a silly little fic of Kurt and Blaine kissing goodnight and Blaine doing the little foot-popping thing (^▽^)

Kurt stares up at Blaine’s house, his thumbs drumming on the steering wheel. The clock on his radio says 11:45, so they still have a few minutes before curfew, but Kurt doesn’t know what to do.

They’ve only been dating for a month or so (not like Kurt’s keeping track dutifully or anything), but Kurt is surprised at how unchanged their dynamic has been in that time. There are a few added bonuses—kissing and cuddling being one of them—but for the most part they’re still the close friends that they’ve been since that staircase.

Kurt looks over at Blaine sitting in the passenger seat, bites his lip and fidgets like he’s trying to fix his plum-colored button-up. He resolutely doesn’t say anything about how gorgeous Blaine’s profile looks in the moonlight, or how Kurt can still taste the sharp mint from Blaine’s ice cream if he licks his lips just right.

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