ems said i looked like a princess milkovich today and i’m totally fine with that

drinks time with ashley uwu

there are dudes across the lake fishing and disrupting my reading of the jungle how rude

i’m getting a lot of compliments on my hair today and /)u(\ also my professor really really reallllly liked my poem for workshop today and that makes me very happy!

#ootd haaay I almost typed otp cool

#ootd got some compliments and a lot of approving looks at the mall ☺️

yo i actually used my curl secret holla


😍height difference 😍 also because I miss this little lady #100happydays #day5

we’re on our second tornado warning/third severe thunderstorm warning so i’m watching queer as folk, naturally

#ootd I got these great mesh-and-pleather leggings and I’m kind of loving them