I Am A Professional 👍

starring in my friend’s mass comm short horror film 💀

edit: jo has informed me that i look like i belong with the winchesters and i’m just so

forgot to post this earlier but i’m totally diggin my new sunglasses

#ootd 💀

queen of the woodland realm

"one hundred years is merely a blink in the life of an elf. i’m patient. i can wait."


Rachel (endofadream) in all of her glory yesterday at Eckert’s. My best friend is the most gorgeous being ever, and, might I add, is the most cooperative photography subject. 

#ootd it’s chilly and i love it ❤️

#ootd 💁

with the return of my purple hair i feel back in my element 😊✌️

i had a very nice makeup day today tbh