fic: but you get the picture


They’re about ready to flag down their waitress for their check when Blaine blurts out, “I have more.”

Kurt tilts his head, taking one last drink of his iced tea before pushing the mostly-empty glass off to the side. “What?”

Blaine swallows, slowly beginning to redden again, and says, quieter, “T-the…lingerie. I—I have more. At home. It’s hidden, but I have…more.”

A too-quick too-hot spark of arousal flashes through Kurt’s body like a whip. He sits up a little straighter in the booth, staring hard at Blaine’s red face. “You do?”

second installment of the newly-named "Aubergine Dreams" ‘verse (title taken from Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk, or “Time To Dance” by P!ATD, however you choose to identify). installment one is here. these are Blaine’s garter belt and panties for visual reference. both titles taken from P!ATD’s inside cover for A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out

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