Ugh just shut up and come here so I can kiss you already

already on my way, honey <3

You’re the cutest Rachel please

all lies

you’re the cutest

Cause it’s mostly on twitter and you should never see them cause it’s embarrassing tbh

but you’re cute and I like reading your tweets because they make me smile

Heh I talk about you more times than should be allowed tbh

and I never see it to join in on the fun sadface

Stop talkin bout me I C U both i c u


talking about you is my favorite pastime because you’re perfect

pff I write stuff ;p I know I’m not native so you’re forgiving me :D

ahaha that is why I’m forgiving you ;D also your English is pretty damn good anyway



I’m sorry !

you don’t count, hon! I mean more for writers :)

Such h a bitch omg

you love me

Okay princess that’s all you get hope you liked it MUAH! xoxox

I loved it I love you my precious baby honey DARLING

porcelainsmythesarchive cogitated:
Cooper laughs behind him, a soft and affectionate sound that Blaine has come to cherish over the years. But right now his ass is exposed and his cock is twitching beneath him, painfully reminding him of his compromising position. He pokes his ass out, silently gesturing to Cooper that he needs to be touched, needs fulfillment. Now. Cooper laughs again and pats him lightly on his left cheek before his fingers are back and Blaine is shivering once more as Cooper roams over his skin, edging closer.


porcelainsmythesarchive cogitated:
There's a whisper of clothes being removed, the familiar snap of springs moving as the bed dips with additional weight. Blaine waits, naked and trembling. He's nervous and scared, but painfully hard and aroused all at once. His cock is pressed underneath his body as fingers trail down his back. The dips of his muscles are explored and then the fingers stop just at the swell of his ass. Blaine whines, presses his face into the covers. "Please Coop," he begs. It's now or never, flight or fight.