"I Do" AU: Blaine discovers that he, instead of Rachel, is pregnant. parts one and two here, and heed the trigger warnings in both this part and the last one. the third and final installment of the “‘verse that wasn’t supposed to be a ‘verse.”

The nightmares begin that night, dreams where curly-headed boys and girls with bright blue eyes are begging him for help but he can’t, or he won’t, and he watches as they fall off cliffs, into rivers, off buildings, over and over again. Blaine can’t wake up and he begins screaming, screaming until he’s hoarse and doesn’t know what he’s saying, if there are even any words at all.

He doesn’t stop until one of the little boys with bright blue eyes and a nose that resembles Kurt’s climbs up onto the edge of the cliff and teeters precariously, silent wind battering around his body and blowing his clothes, his hair, as he raises his arms slowly, magnificently until they’re straight out and his head is tilted back. There is no noise until that little boy opens his mouth and says, in a voice that Blaine recognizes as his own, “I’m so sorry.”

Then he falls.

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"I Do" AU: Blaine discovers that he, instead of Rachel, is pregnant. read the first part here, and heed the trigger warning in the tags for this part.

It’s a week before Blaine can build up the courage to think about it in any way other than abstract. Every morning he runs his hand over his flat stomach, thinking about what’s barely begun to form yet, and every evening he does the same. Kurt calls him, and the words—I’m pregnant with your baby—are on the tip of his tongue. He can never say them because Kurt is so happy in his no-strings-attached New York life, his no-strings-attached open whatever-this-is with Blaine. There is no room for a baby.

And it hurts each time Blaine cups his stomach protectively when someone gets too close, rubs over it absently when he’s sitting down, because he knows that he can’t keep doing this. Blaine can’t tell Kurt about their mistake—his mistake—without ruining the tentative bridge they’ve finally begun to build back up.

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anonymous prompted: can you make a fic in where blaine is the one that gets pregnant after “I do” and not Rachel?

"Do you have a condom?" Blaine asks, breathless against Kurt’s neck. He’s already undoing Kurt’s button and zipper, pushing the flaps of his slacks aside to take him in hand.

Kurt arches forward, grabbing hard onto the back of Blaine’s head as he moans. “N-no, but we’re fine. We’re okay. God I just want to fuck you,” he growls, grabbing onto Blaine’s suit jacket and shoving him onto the bed.

Blaine falls with an oomph, wide eyes and parted lips, and he watches as Kurt strips off his own jacket, untucks his shirt and hurriedly undoes the button. He pulls off his tank top, hair falling in beautiful disarray around his face when that falls to the floor, too.

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