fic: sitting out dances on the wall

When Blaine’s fourteen and Cooper’s twenty, he gets asked if he’d like to chaperone Westerville Central’s Sadie Hawkins dance. It’s Blaine’s first high school dance since he’d skipped out on coronation in the fall, complaining about not having a date and it being a waste of money to rent a tux for just the night.

(Money’s not an issue for the Andersons, but Cooper would have to be deaf and blind not to hear Blaine’s voice crack on the word “date” and his eyes flash momentarily to something akin to fear and pain, and he knows instantly that it’s something more than a waste of money.)

Blaine brings home a slip a few weeks before the dance, slightly giddy, and asks, “Hey, Coop, d’ya wanna chaperone my dance?”

ugh I couldn’t stop after that asktheanderbros post and this had to happen

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close your eyes, just dream [headcanon of sorts]

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