the not-quite-official-sequel-thing to Full of Sound and Fury: Kurt and Blaine’s first time having sex.

The first time they have sex, it’s raining. But Blaine can’t hear that, and neither can Kurt: he can only hear the blood rushing in his ears, his heart pounding as he gently pushes Blaine down onto the bed, eyes locked in silence as he runs his hands up Blaine’s chest and over the soft, thin fabric of his polo.

He signs, is this okay? and Blaine smiles, laughs and grabs the back of Kurt’s head to kiss him, pressing a hand to the small of Kurt’s back to bring him in close as Kurt climbs on top of him, the bed gently bouncing as he settles his weight on palm and knee.

Blaine says, “It’s okay.”

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fic: full of sound and fury


He lives in his world of silence; he lives in his world of sound. When Kurt meets Blaine and finds out he’s different, he doesn’t run: he does everything he can to keep him in his life as they grow up. (aka the one where Blaine is deaf and he and Kurt meet as kids)

this fic has, obviously, already been posted over on, but for awhile I’ve been wanting to clean it up and bring it here where I feel like my fics have a better belonging. and I hate, soooo. enjoy!

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