Anonymous cogitated:
waiiit i thought you'd finished school

nope, I finish in december!

Anonymous cogitated:
i wish i had a rockin body like you. how do you keep your figure?

exercise and moderation of my food intake!

Anonymous cogitated:
You should totally make a back to school video. Maybe what supplies you got and what outfit you are taking, and also what classes you are excited to take and which you arent. It would be awesome to see that.

oh this is a good idea! I’m usually so sparse with supplies but once I get my books and everything I could include that

Anonymous cogitated:
Who is Jo?:)

jo alexwishington is my best friend and soulmate and the light of my life (and my future roommate)

Anonymous cogitated:
my internet provider blocked your tumblr because it's listed as 'inappropriate for children'. thought you might get a kick outta that


Anonymous cogitated:
If we lived in a soulmate verse would Jo be your missing puzzle piece?

i think she probably would be

Anonymous cogitated:
Forget about the dirty looks, the photographs your boyfriend took, you said you read me like a book but the pages are all torn and frayed..




i’m oKAAAAAAAAAAY i’m okay now (i’m okay now) but you really need to listen to me because i’m telling you the truth, i mean this, i’m okay! (trust me)

Anonymous cogitated:
It's Courtney, bitch.

RAT A TAT TAT RAT A TAT TAT TAT EYY no thesis existed for burning cities down at such a rampant rate, no graphics and no fucking powerpoint presentation. so they just DIY’d that shit and they built their own bombs, she’s his suicide blond, she’s number than gold

Anonymous cogitated:
your follow forever would be just the word "jo" let's be honest here

jo would be in bolded size seventy-two helvetica neue

everyone else would be like size twelve

Anonymous cogitated:
would you ever consider doing a follow forever?

i should but i’m so lazy