Anonymous cogitated:
have you read or/and seen the book thief?

i have not for either

Anonymous cogitated:
If you were words on a page baby you would be fine print


Anonymous cogitated:
You look pretty, shush. :)

well thanks, hon

Anonymous cogitated:
1. I wanna see your pretty face uwu

1. Post a picture of u?
i look like shit noooo ugh

Anonymous cogitated:
2, 26 and 37. Sorry if these have been already asked 😘

2. Would you date an 18-year-old at the age you are now?
i prefer older guys, but if i found a guy i liked enough then definitely

26. Have you ever wanted someone you couldn’t have?
i’m sorry, did you mean the story of my life?

and 37 was already answered! <3

Anonymous cogitated:
Do you like any 'old' music?

heck yeah, son. i grew up with the oldies and even have an oldies station on my pandora

Anonymous cogitated:
You watch Sherlock? Is it good?

i was bullied into it (looking at jo here). i’ve only watched the first two episodes as of right now because i thought it’d be a good idea last night to watch every hobbit production blog, but i like it well enough so far

Anonymous cogitated:
Have you always be skinny?

i have been. i’ve lost quite a bit of weight since graduating high school, but my mom and my grandma are both skinny. i do still work out, though, and try to watch what i eat just because i feel better doing that

Anonymous cogitated:
what's the best way to get over feeling lonely?

i always cuddle with my cat, or watch a favorite film/tv series. reading also helps, sometimes, as does writing or finding things online that make me happy. humor blogs are good, too.

Anonymous cogitated:
Do you own any Dr Martens?

i’m not a big fan of them tbh. i have really skinny legs and bulky boots sometimes make me look really out-of-proportion