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glee book covers → original song



“Okay, these…” Blaine swallows, looking more turned-on than nervous, which Kurt supposes isn’t too bad. It means they’ve come a long way since starting this. “They’re a bit more…daring.”

fourth chapter of the Aubergine Dreams ‘verse! parts one, two, and three, respectively. title, as always, comes from P!ATD’s inside cover of their booklet for A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out. warnings under the cut and Blaine’s panties are here!

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fic: there’s always a first

5,000k (exactly ahhh that never happens)

“I know we did everything backwards,” Kurt says, meeting Blaine’s eyes with only a little bit of difficulty. “We had sex before…sex-sex.”

Blaine’s nose scrunches up and he smiles, biting his lower lip. He actually looks bashful, like he’s the one embarrassed to be saying all this aloud. “’Sex-sex’?”

Kurt rolls his eyes and swats at Blaine’s shoulder with his free hand. “You know what I mean, smartass. What I’m trying to say is…I want to—I, uh…I wanna blow you.” He says the last part in a mumbled rush, ducking his head.

another GKM prompt fill and, as always, the prompt and warnings are under the cut!

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fic: sound, not sight


He nudges Blaine’s door open with his foot and crosses the room, dropping Blaine to the bed with an oomph, a creak of springs and mattress, and a groaned “Kurt.” Turning and smiling to himself, he shuts the door with another creak of hinges and a whisper of wood against carpet. It closes with a finalized noise, the lock clicking in place, and through the wood Kurt’s gentle, cajoling words of “Sit up for me, sweetheart, and spread your legs” can be heard.

prompt from the Glee Kink Meme under the cut! I found this to be an interesting writing exercise and I couldn’t resist doing a little something else this week

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fic: fix a vice with a vice

~6,300k (aka what the hell I need to shut up)

Blaine swallows. “What would you say if I had something a little different than just panties and stockings?”

Kurt raises an eyebrow but keeps his expression neutral. “I’d ask what it is.”

Blaine laughs and bobs his head in a nod, looking at the large seasonal floral centerpiece on the table. “You wouldn’t judge me?”

“Blaine, my god,” Kurt sighs. “How long have we been dating?”

so, here it is; the third installment of the now-titled “Aubergine Dreams” ‘verse (parts one and two, respectively). Blaine’s chemise + stockings are here. title, as always, comes from P!ATD’s inside cover of their booklet for A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out. warnings under the cut.

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fic: but you get the picture


They’re about ready to flag down their waitress for their check when Blaine blurts out, “I have more.”

Kurt tilts his head, taking one last drink of his iced tea before pushing the mostly-empty glass off to the side. “What?”

Blaine swallows, slowly beginning to redden again, and says, quieter, “T-the…lingerie. I—I have more. At home. It’s hidden, but I have…more.”

A too-quick too-hot spark of arousal flashes through Kurt’s body like a whip. He sits up a little straighter in the booth, staring hard at Blaine’s red face. “You do?”

second installment of the newly-named "Aubergine Dreams" ‘verse (title taken from Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk, or “Time To Dance” by P!ATD, however you choose to identify). installment one is here. these are Blaine’s garter belt and panties for visual reference. both titles taken from P!ATD’s inside cover for A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out

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fic: we sure are in for a show tonight


“You want us to…have sex on a webcam?” Blaine asks, chin propped up on Kurt’s stomach as he looks up at him. His brows are furrowed but he doesn’t look angry, just contemplative.

“No,” Kurt’s quick to correct, fingers shaky where they thread through Blaine’s sweat-damp curls. He still feels the phantom fullness of Blaine inside him and can’t resist wiggling his hips a little to intensify the familiar burn. “I want to finger you on camera. On the internet.”

oops. a lot more porn. also, pet names because I firmly believe these two can coo at each other for hours.

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