Sometimes Kurt likes to shove Blaine against the wall because it’s the only way he can draw a really, truly surprised gasp from Blaine’s mouth. He knows Blaine is transfixed with his arms, the new broadness of his shoulders, and he takes advantage of it whenever possible, kissing Blaine hard and possessive as he switches their positions, slamming Blaine against the wall and grabbing onto the backs of his thighs to urge them up.

(He also revels in the way Blaine clutches harder at him like this, hiking up one leg to wrap around Kurt’s waist until finally it’s both of them and Kurt’s pressed closer and harder, holding Blaine up off the ground and against the wall with a grunt that Blaine swallows, grabbing at Kurt’s shirt with a whine as Kurt nips at his lower lip.)

It’s better when they’re fucking, when Kurt’s hands are gripping hard on Blaine’s ass and feeling the muscle flex as Blaine is pressed against the wall with every thrust, forced to move with the rolls of Kurt’s hips, when Blaine grips so hard onto Kurt’s shoulders that he’s sometimes left with marks that trickle the slightest of blood. Every gasp and moan that leaves Blaine’s lips like this is strangled, short and cut-off and breathy until he finally drops his head forward to rest in the crook of Kurt’s neck and shoulder, each movement of their bodies together drawing out an uh or an ah, his legs wrapping tighter around Kurt’s waist.

Blaine always comes first, the friction between their stomachs enough to drag him over the edge as he jerks in Kurt’s grip, moaning wantonly. His head thunks against the wall, tilted back and baring his throat, which Kurt kisses and nips at until his thrusts become erratic, less measured, and he’s coming, moaning into Blaine’s mouth as he kisses him sloppy and uncoordinated. When his grip finally gives out Blaine’s feet are hitting the floor and they’re collapsing together in a heap of breathless laughter and tired smiles, pressing their lips together and breathing out pet names and promises, overwhelmed in the afterglow.

And when it happens again, it repeats. And repeats. And they’d have it no other way.