fic: i simply do it best


The shot, as it comes into focus, is a close-up one of the side of Blaine’s head and upper torso; his eyes are shut, lashes fluttering and brushing the tops of his cheeks, and his skin is flushed slightly. His lips are parted, barely red and wet in the dim light of his bedroom. When he finally opens his eyes they’re wide, dilated, and he glances over briefly at the camera before he’s rocking slightly, getting momentum, and then—oh fuck, then he’s swinging his legs up, feet resting presumably on his headboard or the wall behind it, and he’s bent in half.

the “oops not supposed to have happened” continuation of Home Videos, though you don’t have to be familiar with it to read this story. warnings are under the cut, like always (though the point is mostly moot due to the teaser paragraph) and the title is from “The Music Or The Misery” by Fall Out Boy

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