watch the video before enjoying (slight nsfw).

“Are you ready to try this?”

“Baby, you know I was born ready.” Blaine’s tinny voice echoes in the emptiness of the hotel room Kurt’s staying in for his conference, and Kurt smiles at the blue glow of his laptop screen. He stares at the image of Blaine kneeling on their bed at home, thighs spread. Blaine has on only the tight black briefs, and he’s smiling, wide and easy. His hands trail absently along his thighs, fingers drumming against the skin. “C’mon, I’ve been half-hard all day thinking about this.”

Kurt shakes his head, laughs and rolls his eyes. “Of course you have.” He picks up his phone, stares at its screen. There are six buttons placed along the image of the underwear Blaine has on, and Kurt’s finger hovers over them as he wonders if he should tease or go straight for it.

“Hmm,” he says, pondering. “But where to touch you?” He thumbs just shy of the buttons, knows that Blaine will feel the tickle. He’s already hard in his own jeans anticipating this, and the little sigh Blaine lets out when Kurt trails over the two buttons farthest from the middle doesn’t help.

“Just touch me,” Blaine says, his eyes wide and earnest. “I miss you.”

“I miss you, too,” Kurt coos, smiling softly at his boyfriend. He forgets, sometimes, how lonely he really is when he has to take work-related trips until he Skypes Blaine. He runs over the three farthest buttons, starting on one side and ending on the other. Blaine’s body trembles, and he lets out a giggle as his hands come to rest on his hips over the tight spandex of the underwear.

“Does that tickle?” Kurt asks, biting his lip and smiling. He’s missed Blaine’s laugh.

“Feels good, too,” Blaine replies, tongue daring out pinkly to wet his lips. “It’s like—you know how you like to run your fingers over my hips before you suck me off and I always squirm? It’s kind of like that. Fleeting.”

Kurt sucks in a breath, feels the hot liquid-lava rush of heat center itself low in his abdomen. He knows he won’t get to see Blaine’s cock tonight, so the next best thing is to make Blaine react as if Kurt could. He still keeps clear of the middle three buttons, holding off as Blaine squirms, shudders and lets out half-moans, until he’s too desperate to take anymore.

Kurt, don’t tease me, plea—oh!” Blaine’s eyes widen comically as his hand goes for his crotch, palm curving over it as Kurt smirks and thumbs over the middle button again, rubbing it in slow circles. He watches Blaine’s body jerk, his jaw dropping a little more and his hand pressing a little harder. “Oh, wow.”

“How does it feel?”

Kurt slides his index finger over the sequence of buttons, back-forth quickly, and Blaine’s back arches as he moans. His hand falls to his side, and in the dim light offered Kurt can just barely see the outline of his cock, already straining and hard. Blaine swallows, shuddering, and says, strained, “It’s like—god, it’s like you’re touching me.” He rubs over his dick, and Kurt presses the button just shy of the middle. “Oh—god, Kurt. You need to buy another pair so you can feel this.”

“Maybe sometime.” Kurt rubs over the middle button again, over and over. Blaine’s knees slip on his comforter and his body curves forward, one hand falling to the bed to prop his weight up as he moans. “That feel good, baby?”

“So good,” Blaine moans, dropping his head. He pants, grabbing at the comforter and bunching it up between his fingers. His back arches again, a fluid stretch, and his exhaled breath is a hot, panting moan. “Oh fuck.”

“Lay back for me.” Kurt pops the button on his jeans with one hand, lets them fall loose and open. “Is there any way you can set your laptop somewhere so you can sit at the edge of the bed?”

“Yeah, just—h-hold on.” Blaine shudders through another vibration, eyes slitted and jaw still slack. He gets up and grabs the laptop, and there is rustling and a blurred close up of tan and black before Blaine moves back slightly to appraise the angle.

Kurt swallows hard at the bulge of Blaine’s cock through the briefs, and he can’t resist saying, “Touch yourself for me, sweetie.”

A hand, broad and big and capable of so many things, comes down, splays over the front of the briefs before curving loosely around the shape of his cock, and Kurt thumbs the middle button again, watches that hand stutter and smiles at Blaine’s hitch in breath.

“You’re loving this, aren’t you?” he asks softly, running through the sequence of buttons again. “You love not knowing what I’m going to do next.”

Blaine steps back from the screen, collapses onto the bed with his legs spread wide. He stretches his arm out behind him, props his weight up with it and tips his head back. “Uh-huh.”

Over the middle button again, then the two on either side of it, and Blaine’s hips arch up, seek into the pressure that isn’t there. Blaine’s whine is strangled, high-pitched, and his free hand trails over his chest, along his throat before rubbing over his nipples.

“Kurt,” Blaine whimpers. His hips seek up, lift off the bed, and his throat bobs as he swallows thickly. It reminds Kurt of the way Blaine looks when he’s under him, and his cock gives a twitch that leaves him moaning. “Fuck me, baby. Fuck me.”

“If I was there,” Kurt says. He sets his phone down on his knee, eases down the waistband of his underwear to pull his cock out. It’s heavy and warm in his hand, the head slick with pre-come, and Kurt’s fist is loose as he strokes over himself, watches the ripple of Blaine’s muscles, the swell and cave of his stomach as he breathes and arches up again. “Do you want me to fuck you hard, B? Want my cock in that tight asshole of yours?”

Blaine nods, uh-huhs again. His hand goes back to his lap as Kurt presses the button and the lines in his forehead deepen as he scrunches his face up. His hand moves faster over his cock, though it still carries an absent pace. Kurt is more focused on Blaine, on his desperately high-pitched moans and breathed-out swears.

“I’m gonna come,” Blaine gasps, tossing his head back. His hand trails down his chest, over the bulge of his cock and between his legs. He spreads them a little wider, says, “Kurt, oh my god, oh—”

Kurt keeps his finger steady over the three middle buttons, and Blaine’s hips seek into the air a few more times before his back is arching and he’s falling flat to the bed as he moans. A hand comes up to tangle in his hair, tugging, and his arm covers his eyes as his body twitches, thighs and calves trembling.

Kurt lets his phone fall to the bed as he strokes over himself faster, harder. He bites his lip, closes his eyes and moans, feels it build up behind his balls, in the pit of his stomach. He arches forward, back going taut, and when Blaine lifts up, looks into the camera with heavy, post-orgasm eyes, Kurt just barely manages to toe his laptop a few inches away before he comes with a keen over his fist and the hotel comforter beneath him.

There is silence as they catch their breath, panting ragged and uneven. Kurt twists back and reaches for the tissues; Blaine pushes himself up off the bed and grabs the laptop, carrying it back and setting it down on the sheets. He crosses his legs, grins down at the screen with a lazy smile. Kurt cleans up his hand and softening cock, makes a face as the comforter and dabs at it.

“So,” Blaine says, voice deep like it always is after sex. Kurt looks up at the screen, feels his own smile unfurl.

“So,” he repeats, wadding up the tissue and tossing into the trashcan a few feet from the bed. He feels giddy, and he’s so excited that tomorrow is his last day before he can come home. “I miss you, honey bee.”

Blaine pouts, holds his hand out to the screen. Kurt mirrors it. “I miss you, too, darling. But hey, one more day, right?”

“One more day,” Kurt affirms with a nod. “And then I can touch you for real. No more iPhone apps.”

“No more Skype sex.”

“…That underwear is machine washable, right?”

Blaine’s easy grin turns sly, and he thumbs at the waistband, says, “Hmm, I think it is. And why would you be asking, Mr. Hummel?”

Kurt looks away innocently, feeling already the coiling, twisting insistence of heated arousal at the thought of handing the control over to Blaine. Tomorrow seems like such a long time away, and Kurt wishes not for the first time that he was home already. “Oh, no reason at all.”

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