awkward firsts: the first time Blaine (accidentally) sees Kurt’s cock.

The bed creaks, rustles, as Blaine pins Kurt to the bed, straddling his lap and kissing him with ardor. He squeaks when Kurt grabs his ass, feels Kurt’s lips curve against his as he smiles. Seconds later he’s on his back, pinned to the bed as Kurt settles between his legs, grabbing his thighs to hitch his legs around his waist. He tips his head back as Kurt kisses down his neck, electric and tingling as Blaine’s cock strains against his briefs and the weight of Kurt’s own hard cock.

“God, Kurt,” Blaine moans on a harsh exhale, hissing as he grabs at Kurt’s shoulders and arches his back. He brings his lips hard and dirty to Kurt’s, and this—their heavy panting and sliding tongues, the slick press of their lips lost somewhere between pleasure-induced, uncoordinated sucking—can hardly be considered kissing. “I’m gonna come if you—fuck—­keep doing that.”

“Isn’t that kind of the point?” Kurt’s voice is pinched and his jaw is set, eyes blown huge and navy as he looks down at Blaine. There’s a hinting ghost of a smile teasing at the corners of his lips that makes Blaine smile, too, devious and lovedrunk, and when Kurt leans down Blaine meets him, grabbing at the back of Kurt’s head with seeking fingertips.

Blaine hitches his legs higher around Kurt’s waist, wriggling under him to drag the shape of his cock along Kurt’s. It’s still new, being able to be this close, to feel, and Blaine is drunk on it: drunk on the feeling of Kurt heavy and solid and grounding above him; on the feeling of his cock, thick and long and deliciously hard where it drags over Blaine’s balls and the sensitive head of his own cock; on the way their underwear sticks to their skin, provides the extra bit of friction that makes Blaine’s toes curl and his head drop back against the pillows.

“Uhn, yes,” Blaine groans, grabbing onto the back of Kurt’s neck with flexing fingers. “Just like that.” He sucks in a breath, closes his eyes and draws his lips into his mouth to wet them. He lets out another moan as the heavy weight of Kurt’s cock dips between his cheeks, and Blaine looks between their bodies, slick and shiny with sweat, to see the strain of their cocks through their thin briefs. Both are riding down, waistbands pressed low enough to show a tempting peek of dark hair; Blaine wonders what Kurt would do if he pushed him onto his back and sucked at the head of his cock through his white briefs.

“You feel so good,” Kurt pants, dropping his head to the crook of Blaine’s neck and shoulder. His tongue is slick and hot when it traces around the edge of Blaine’s ear, and his teeth are sharp when he tugs. “God, so fucking hot, baby. Gonna make you come.”

“Please,” Blaine gasps, squeezing his eyes shut. Kurt’s hips press steadily against his, rolling and undulating in ways that make Blaine ache to have Kurt inside him. His hands slide down Kurt’s back, over the expanse of heated pale skin rippling with lithe muscle, and he grips onto Kurt’s ass, tugs him closer. His jaw drops in a strangled, sharp whine that gets cut off seconds later. “Make me come, baby, need it, need you.”

Kurt grunts, dropping his head and parting his lips. His hair flops, loose, over his forehead, sways and bounces with the movement of his body. The toned muscles of his ass flex under Blaine’s palms, and his breathing is short, sharply staccato as he pushes against Blaine over and over.

“Oh, fuck,” Blaine whines when Kurt circles his hips, grinding slow and so good against Blaine’s cock. “Ah—ah—yes, there, there there there—”

He feels the words build up, fuck me fuck me fuck me, but he bites them back, grabs onto Kurt’s biceps to feel the twitch and strain of the taut muscle as Kurt digs his fingers into the sheets, leans forward and presses his body down.

His lips press sloppily to Blaine’s, wet and open and perfect as they pant out each other’s names. Kurt bites onto Blaine’s lower lip when Blaine arches up, rolls against him, and his laugh is breathy, uneven. “So eager,” he teases, sucking Blaine’s lower lip into his mouth.

Blaine raises himself up on his elbows, seeking Kurt’s lips when he pulls back, and he opens his mouth to say something, opens his eyes to stare at Kurt’s rose-flushed face; instead, his gaze drops down, where Kurt is still moving, still grinding, but the waistband of his briefs has ridden lower.

Blaine’s eyes go wide and he sucks in a breath. The surge of want that shoots through him is enough to make him tremble—slick and red and shiny, perfectly rounded and smooth, the head of Kurt’s cock rests pressed tight against Kurt’s pale, taut abdomen. It bobs with the heaves of his breaths, so…so pretty and tempting.

“Blaine?” Kurt’s voice, high and still breathless, breaks his thoughts.

Without thinking, Blaine blinks, continues to stare between them, and says, “Your dick.”

Kurt’s brows furrow, skin shining with sweat. “What about my di—” He looks down and lets out a squeak, face turning redder as he says, “Oh god, oh god, shit.” He braces his weight on one hand, reaches between them, and before he can tuck himself back into his underwear Blaine is grabbing his wrist.

“Don’t,” he says when Kurt looks up, eyes wide, jaw slack. Blaine takes Kurt’s hand, directs it back to the spot where it had been on the other side of Blaine’s head. He kisses Kurt’s slack mouth, presses a palm to Kurt’s lumbar region to press his body closer. “Like this. C’mon, Kurt. Come on me.”

He doesn’t expect to say those words, but then they’re out and Kurt’s looking at him like he’s never seen him before, and for a moment Blaine is terrified that he’s done something stupid, moved too fast or said the wrong thing. But then Kurt is moving again, dropping all of his weight onto Blaine as he rocks his hips. The head of his cock is hot and sticky-slick where it slides between them, and it doesn’t take long for Blaine’s breaths to lengthen, turn into panting gasps and begging whines, and when he comes with a moan he kisses Kurt, holds onto him as he trembles and shakes.

Kurt comes between them with a bitten-off whimper, and he buries his face in the crook of Blaine’s shoulder as his come streaks sticky and hot across their torsos.

They don’t move as they gather themselves, let their breathing even. He can feel the tickling brush of Kurt’s lashes when he blinks, can feel the slick circle of his lips as he breathes.

He says, when he doesn’t seem like Kurt is going to talk anytime soon, “That was unexpected.”

“You’re telling me.” Kurt’s voice is muffled, and finally he sits up, blinking and carefully avoiding Blaine’s eyes. His come sticks to his and Blaine’s torsos, smeared opalescent across their skin, and Blaine’s breath catches as Kurt shifts, twisting to look for the box of tissues Blaine keeps on his nightstand. “I’ll get tissues.”

“Uh-uh.” Blaine tugs Kurt back down, cups his cheek to make sure he doesn’t look away. Kurt’s eyes, though slightly guarded now, are still darkened navy, and his lips are still kiss-swollen red. “What’s wrong? I know that what happened wasn’t…planned or anything, and we hadn’t really planned on that yet, either, but you know I love you, Kurt.”

Kurt sighs and seems to deflate a little, sagging into Blaine’s touch and closing his eyes. “I know, I know. I’m being stupid.”

“You’re never stupid.” Blaine presses a kiss to Kurt’s forehead, runs his fingers through Kurt’s thick, limp hair.

“It’s just…” Kurt sighs again and rolls off Blaine, tucking the head of his cock back into his briefs. Blaine watches it go with a look of forlorn longing. “It’s still so difficult sometimes for me to actually process the fact that someday you’re going to see me naked. I’ve been building myself up to that and I’ve finally begun to maybe sort of accept the inevitable? That’s why we, you know…”


Kurt flushes and nods. “Yes.”

Blaine clucks his tongue and sits up, tailing his fingers down Kurt’s arm to take his hand and slot their fingers together. “I think you’re beautiful. I know you’re going to be beautiful when you finally give that up for me.” He gives Kurt an encouraging smile, feels his heart swell when Kurt smiles back. “I’m actually really scared, too. But then I remind myself that it’s going to be with you, and everything is okay again.”

Kurt shakes his head, but that guarded look is gone, replaced with the usual playful glint. “You’re so cheesy, Blaine, I swear. If I was capable of hating you I think I would just for that reason.”

“But you don’t,” Blaine trills, grinning wide as he leans in, steals a quick kiss from Kurt. “You love me, and you love me so much that when we get cleaned up we’re going to go out for dinner and you won’t yell me at when I tell you in two seconds that you have a really nice dick.”

Kurt doesn’t yell, but he does swat at Blaine’s arm, saying, “Blaine Devon!”

Blaine scampers off the bed, laughing, and grabs a clean pair of underwear from his drawer before he heads into the bathroom.

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