Anonymous cogitated:
your Titanic stuff is awesome, all the little facts that I never knew, makes me watch the movie with a whole new perspective :D



seriously, as much as I love Jim Cameron’s masterpiece, there are a few historical and general flaws and people who don’t know much about the history just sort of nod and take it

but omg when you know little tiny details like all crewmen and what they did while loading the lifeboats and the engineers’ stories about how valiantly they fought to keep the ship aglow until those last few minutes and how loyal the Marconi men were to getting the signal to nearby ships even after Captain Smith relieved them of their positions, saying “it’s every man for himself.” and when you know the true horrors of the lifeboats, like Wireless Operator Jack Phillips trying to hang on to Collapsible C, where Wireless Operator Harold Bride had swum after the Titanic took her final bow and the band went down playing “Songe D’Automne” (or “Nearer, My God, to Thee,” whichever you choose to believe), but ultimately Phillips would perish and fall into the ocean never to be seen again

when you know separate stories—children remembering saying goodbye to their fathers, wives hoping that dawn would bring them the return of their husbands, a long, cold, moonless night at sea with the Carpathia rushing through treacherous ice fields miles away from their original course just to save the passengers of the Titanic while the Californian sat in the distance and did nothing—it brings the ship alive again, makes her tragic story more poignant and one that will hopefully never fade even as the ship slowly rusts away at 41’46 N, 50’14 W on the bottom of unforgiving North Atlantic.