now I want to write an AU where Kurt’s the head of a fashion magazine and Blaine is his adorably awkward secretary/assistant with a huge crush that everyone knows about and it’s cute because he always stutters around Kurt and gets him his morning coffee even though he doesn’t have to because he memorized his order a week after he was hired anyway but he can’t say anything because Kurt just got out of a four-year relationship after his boyfriend cheated on him and word around the office is that Kurt had thought said boyfriend was going to propose soon. Rachel’s the new ambitious design intern who uses too many stars in her designs no matter how many times Kurt tells her to go in a new direction. Santana and Sebastian are the heads of hair and makeup and photography, respectfully, and are always teasing him and saying inappropriate things around Kurt, which makes Blaine blush and stutter even worse; there’s even a pool going on between the people working in the accessories department about how long it’s going to take Kurt and Blaine to stop dancing around each other and finally get together.

and then they go on a date and it’s lovely and they kiss at the end of the night and sex a few dates later because Blaine is old-fashioned the end

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