ugh now I want to write Kurt proposing to Blaine out of the blue, like he had a plan and everything but eight years with Blaine has made him a little more spontaneous than he used to be and he even carries the ring with him everywhere because now, in the coffee shop a few blocks from their apartment, it could be the right time with the heady scent of coffee beans—their smell—in the air

(first dates, first loves, memory upon memory of their teenage and young-adult lives)

or their usual dinners across the table, the ring box heavy in his jacket pocket

or when they’re lying together in bed at night, the box a hard lump under his pillow and Blaine’s fingers curled into his, head tucked against his chest to feel out that thump-thump-thump rhythm

or when they’re waking up together in the morning, the box still there and the sight of Blaine’s eyes sleepily blinking open more breathtaking than any of the most beautiful spots in the world

and when it happens Kurt doesn’t even realize it’s happening until he’s pulling the box from his pocket and dropping down onto one knee and it’s the hallway outside their apartment, oh god, with its grimy, unwashed floors and anyone could walk out right now, see their door still half-open, the key in Blaine’s hand, the perplexed look on his face

(they were supposed to be going to visit Rachel, spend a day with her and catch up on their hectic post-college lives)

and Kurt has a speech, of course he does, but the moment he looks up and sees the surprised face of the boy he’s been in love with since he was seventeen everything promptly leaves his head and all he can say is “Marry me”

and it’s simple, real. unadorned.

not a question but a statement because they both know the answer

it’s them.

and it takes a second or two for Blaine to connect everything together, but when he does Kurt watches his eyes widen, his jaw drop. he hears the keys clatter noisily to the floor and something swells in his chest, then, something warm and blooming and full of a future with joint bank accounts and Blaine with him every day until their last

a high-pitched, quickly-said-and-repeated “Yes yes yes yes!”

and Kurt thinks that Blaine’s never been more adorable than he is now, with his eyes rounded, sparkling with unshed tears, his cheeks beginning to flush and his hands flapping in excitement. Kurt almost, almost forgets to take the ring out of the box but he does, rising up off his knee as he tosses the box to the floor behind him

and he slips the ring on Blaine’s finger and he kisses him in the hallway, sloppy and excited and pressed tight as Blaine’s tears finally begin to fall and he decides that spontaneity is the best

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