Anonymous cogitated:
How tall are you?


Anonymous cogitated:
I actually agree with that anon, black lipstick does not look good on anyone. It makes you look like a goth kid.

well a lion does not lose sleep over the opinions of sheep. that’s yours and i have mine and i happen to like black lipstick and think that it looks good on me. what you said sounds very narrow-minded

Anonymous cogitated:
Get that black lipstick bullshit out of here.

i’m sensing some hostility, but that’s okay. would you like to tell me what, exactly, the black lipstick did to you to hurt you so badly? don’t worry; this session is completely confidential. i’m not here to judge you based on events that happened in your past. i’m only here to try to help you work through them.

September 1st

Anonymous cogitated:
you look like you might have been born in the flower-power era in that outfit and i mean that as a compliment. some of the clothes and fashion were amazing back then and you totally pull that look off. only thing missing is a daisy-crown :)

omg this is perf. thank you! uwu i have a daisy choker i almost wore but i thought that it would be overkill

#ootd double-slit maxi skirts make me feel invincible 💪