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i read this in ian’s voice god damnit

fucking hell

how he’d explain it to mickey

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hey Rachel can you please tell me a summary of what's been happening with klaine? i haven't had time to watch the shows and I won't have spare time to watch them later

apparently all they do is make out on couches which is totally cool with me. blaine moved out but it’s okay because he and kurt are still doing it and are still horny little teenagers. kurt went all hero ‘n shit and intervened in a bashing and was a total badass and it was kind of hot. blaine felt insecure because kurt is suddenly (more of) a sex god and blaine really likes new york food so he reacted a little out of character but they talked it out and still love each other so it’s okay because communication! and also apparently they go to gay bars together a lot. and that’s what you missed on klaine!

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Interested to know your advice on writing good sex scenes. Spread your knowledge!

ooh okay! definitely gonna publish this because i don’t really get asked this a lot

  • being in the moment is key. details details details
  • you can write a good sex scene without being descriptive but it’s never as effective as one that really digs deep and hits all the gritty details
  • make it realistic. seriously. no one wants to be in the middle of reading this super steamy sex scene and have to go all retriever and cock their head to try and discern what position the couple is in
  • don’t make it clinical. infuse it with some love and emotion (or anger and hatred, depending on your situation)
  • it is totally okay to base them off of porn or movies
  • which brings me to my next point: you can totally use references. i’d be lost if i didn’t. and it’s okay to look at other fics, because, again, sometimes i need to as well
  • don’t ever use the phrase “weeping cock.” i will find you and i will hit you
  • people make all kinds of funky noises during sex that aren’t moans or grunts or groans. add those in (whining, keening, whimpering, etc.)
  • and remember that the people fucking have some sort of connection, whether it’s hate or love or a one-night stand. humans have emotions, and emotions tend to flare during sex. it’s important to write those in to make us as the readers connect more
  • always strive for diversity. even if you’re writing the same type of sex scene, switch it up. add some narrative in there, change the events leading up to it. change what happens during
  • and never be afraid to experiment!!! there are so many possibilities and yeah, it might take some practice to write them correctly or feel comfortable writing and then posting, but it’s worth it!


SHAMELESS US: What I do know about the show without watching the show by Mei Lee

inspired by this post I saw earlier this week on GoT

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jay gatsby's car was a real hit with the ladies

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I was totally against BP!Blaine until I started reading your stories! I would Love Love Love you forever if you could write a new BP!Blaine cheerio…they are my guilty pleasure!!!! Also I love your writing and I am so excited that you've started writing Ian and Mickey!! AMAZING!!! I'm a little obsessed with your page!

YO SUCCESS and yay thank you! i’m also super glad you’re excited about my foray into the gallavich fandom uwu

yeah let me just get in my fucking delorean