What a bunch of A-holes

Dance Dance // Fall Out Boy

Anonymous cogitated:
Hey rachel! Maybe someone asked that before me, but have you seen The Giver yet? You know, with handsome lovely Cameron Monaghan In it and everything... ;)

not yet! dunno when i will tbh

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Anonymous cogitated:
ugh i feel you, dude. i've been getting 7 texts in a row from the same guy 2x a day for a week, and i'm kinda sick of being nice. i liked him as a friend but his pushiness and severe over-enthusiasm have turned me off from wanting to talk to him AT ALL. people won't acknowledge 40 attempts of being turned down nicely, but freak out and blame you when the message gets across that you're not interested. "why are you being so bitchy???" "because letting you down nicely didn't work, genius"

exactly!! it makes me so irate when they don’t get the hint, or when they still blatantly keep pushing while thinking that we’ll cave eventually to their manly, domineering ways. it’s complete bullshit, and i’m sorry that you have to deal with this. no girl should. i have had guys be polite when i’ve turned them down, which i infinitely respect, but then you get the ones that are enraged, for some odd reason, when you dare to have a mind of your own and say no, sorry, you’re not my type. because then somehow it’s “bitchy” instead of “my personal preferences.”