Into The Woods | 2014 ()

thinking about doing a tmi tuesday on a side blog (because i follow too many irl people on here) possibly idk yet

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies


@noel_fisher: Mickey had a rough day. @SHO_Shameless

Anonymous cogitated:
Okay, this is not a prompt, just a thought that popped up in my head, but what if, in some sort of au, Ian has to go to support group and Mickey accompanies him but waits for him outside. And while he's waiting there's this guy (Kurt) who keeps glaring at him and judging him and Mickey gets pissed at him but turns out that the guy is just judging his choice of clothes and they start arguing but before it can get really bad, Ian comes out, lightly chatting with this other guy (Blaine) who was at

support group with him (beacuse he’s bipolar too) and they’re like “oh great! you already met each other. Now let’s get coffee together. Please stop being mean to each other” and at first, Mickey and Kurt keep glaring at each other but then they see that Ian and Blaine seem to like each other and so they play it cool cause there’s nothing they both wouldn’t do for their boys and Ian is smiling for the first time in 2 days and Mickey wants to keep that smile so he tries really hard to be nice to these two other gay kids who seem to have gone through some bullshit as well and Kurt notices and apologises for being a dick to him and Mickey wants to tell him to fuck off (like he usually does) but then sees Ian’s eyes and just smiles too and is like “yeah whatever.” And then Blaine starts blabbering about how amazing of a stylist Kurt is and that one day he’s going to become really famous and mickey really wants to tell him to shut up but then sees how sparkly Blaine’s eyes get start this weird friendship bewteen the four of them and yeah, sorry, I was just having a lot of feels about klaine and gallavich.